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Category: 40s50sTopps
     Set: 49ToppsFlags 1949 Topps Flags Of All Nations
     Set: 49ToppsIH2AP 1949 Topps It Happened To A President
     Set: 49ToppsXRayRoundUp 1949 Topps X-Ray Round Up
     Set: 50ToppsBBAlive 1950 Topps Bring Em Back Alive
     Set: 50ToppsFlagsWP 1950-51 Topps Flags of the World - Parade
     Set: 50ToppsFreedomsWar 1950 Topps Freedoms War
     Set: 50ToppsHC 1950 Topps Hopalong Cassady
     Set: 50ToppsLicensePlates 1950 Topps License Plates
     Set: 51ToppsAnimals 1951 Topps Animals Of The World
     Set: 52ToppsLookNSee 1952 Topps Look N See
     Set: 52ToppsWings 1952 Topps Wings
     Set: 53ToppsFightingMen 1953 Topps Fighting Marines
     Set: 53ToppsLicensePlates 1953 Topps License Plates
     Set: 53ToppsTarzan 1953 Topps 3D Tarzan and the She Devil
     Set: 53ToppsTarzanSF 1953 Topps 3D Tarzan's Savage Fury
     Set: 53ToppsWhoZat 1953 Topps Who-Z-At Star
     Set: 54ToppsScoop 1954 Topps Scoop
     Set: 54ToppsWheels 1954 Topps World On Wheels
     Set: 55ToppsRailsSails 1955 Topps Rails and Sails
     Set: 56ToppsDCGreen 1956 Topps Davy Crockett Green Backs
     Set: 56ToppsDavyCrockett 1956 Topps Davy Crockett Orange Backs
     Set: 56ToppsElvis 1956 Topps Elvis Presley
     Set: 56ToppsFlagsOfWorld 1956 Topps Flags Of The World
     Set: 56ToppsJets 1956 Topps Jets
     Set: 56ToppsPresidents 1956 Topps Presidents
     Set: 56ToppsRoundup 1956 Topps Roundup
     Set: 57ToppsGoofyPC 1957 Topps Goofy Post Cards
     Set: 57ToppsHitStars 1957 Topps Hit Stars
     Set: 57ToppsIsoBooth 1957 Topps Isolation Booth
     Set: 57ToppsPlanes 1957 Topps R707-2 Planes
     Set: 57ToppsRobinHood 1957 Topps Robin Hood
     Set: 58ToppsSpace 1958 Topps Space Target Moon
     Set: 58ToppsTVWesterns 1958 Topps TV Westerns
     Set: 58ToppsZorro 1958 Topps Zorro
     Set: 59ToppsDieLaughing 1959 Topps You'll Die Laughing
     Set: 59ToppsFabian 1959 Topps Fabian
     Set: Misc4050Topps Miscellaneous 1940s, 1950s Topps
Category: 60s70sTopps
     Set: 60ToppsCrazyTV 1960s Topps Crazy TV Test
     Set: 60ToppsFunnyVals 1960 Topps Funny Valentines A Series
     Set: 61ToppsCrazyCards 1961 Topps Crazy Cards
     Set: 61ToppsSportsCars 1961 Topps Sports Cars
     Set: 62ToppsCWCurrency 1962 Topps Civil War Currency
     Set: 62ToppsCivilWar 1962 Topps Civil War News
     Set: 62ToppsMarsAttacks 1962 Topps Mars Attacks
     Set: 63ToppsAstronauts 1963 Topps Astronauts
     Set: 63ToppsFlagMidgees 1963 Topps Flag Midgees
     Set: 63ToppsHillbillies 1963 Topps Beverly Hillbillies
     Set: 63ToppsJFKennedy 1963 Topps Story of President Kennedy
     Set: 63ToppsMonsterLaffs 1963 Topps Monster Laffs Midgee
     Set: 63ToppsValentines 1963 Topps Valentine Foldees
     Set: 64ToppsAddamsFamily 1964 Topps Addams Family
     Set: 64ToppsBeatlePlaks 1964 Topps Beatles Plaks
     Set: 64ToppsBeatles1 1964 Topps Beatles Series 1
     Set: 64ToppsBeatles2 1964 Topps Beatles Series 2
     Set: 64ToppsBeatles3 1964 Topps Beatles Series 3
     Set: 64ToppsBeatlesColor 1964 Topps Beatles Color
     Set: 64ToppsBeatlesDiary 1964 Topps Beatles Diary
     Set: 64ToppsBeatlesHDN 1964 Topps Beatles Hard Day's Night
     Set: 64ToppsNuttyAwards 1964 Topps Nutty Awards
     Set: 64ToppsOuterLimits 1964 Topps Bubbles Outer Limits
     Set: 65ToppsBattle 1965 Topps Battle
     Set: 65ToppsGI 1965 Topps Gilligan's Island
     Set: 65ToppsManUncle 1965 Topps Man From Uncle
     Set: 65ToppsMonsterGreet 1965 Topps Monster Greetings
     Set: 65ToppsPresidentsFA 1965 Topps Presidents and Famous Americans
     Set: 66ToppsBatmanA 1966 Topps Batman A Series
     Set: 66ToppsBatmanBlack 1966 Topps Batman Black Bat
     Set: 66ToppsBatmanBlue 1966 Topps Batman Blue Bat
     Set: 66ToppsBatmanColor 1966 Topps Batman Color Photos
     Set: 66ToppsBatmanRiddler 1966 Topps Batman Riddler Back
     Set: 66ToppsGreenHornet 1966 Topps R705-10 Green Hornet Stickers
     Set: 66ToppsLostInSpace 1966 Topps Lost In Space
     Set: 66ToppsMonsterLaffs 1966 Topps Monster Laffs
     Set: 66ToppsRPRings 1966 Topps Rat Patrol Rings
     Set: 66ToppsRatPatrol 1966 Topps Rat Patrol
     Set: 66ToppsSuperman 1966 Topps Superman
     Set: 67ToppsMaya 1967 Topps Maya
     Set: 67ToppsWhoAmI 1967 Topps Who Am I
     Set: 68ToppsLIStickers 1968 Topps Laugh-In Stickers
     Set: 68ToppsLandGiants 1968 Topps Land Of The Giants
     Set: 68ToppsLaughIn 1968 Topps Laugh-In
     Set: 68ToppsModSquad 1968 Topps Mod Squad
     Set: 69ToppsManOnMoon 1969 Topps Man On The Moon
     Set: 69ToppsPlanetOfApes 1969 Topps Planet Of The Apes
     Set: 70ToppsManOnMoon 1970 Topps Man On The Moon
     Set: 71ToppsBradyBunch 1971 Topps Brady Bunch
     Set: 71ToppsPartridgeFam 1971 Topps Partridge Family
     Set: 72ToppsPresidents 1972 Topps Presidents
     Set: 74Topps6Mil 1974 Topps Six Million Dollar Man
     Set: 75ToppsPlanetOfApes 1975 Topps Planet of the Apes
     Set: 76ToppsSTStickers 1976 Topps Star Trek Stickers
     Set: 76ToppsStarTrek 1976 Topps Star Trek
     Set: 77ToppsStarWars 1977 Topps Star Wars
     Set: 2007ToppsAGEmperors 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter Emperors
     Set: Misc6070Topps Miscellaneous 1960s, 1970s Topps
Category: Bowman
     Set: 48BowmanMS 1948 Bowman Movie Stars
     Set: 49BowmanFBI 1949 Bowman America Salutes the FBI
     Set: 49BowmanWildWest 1949 Bowman Wild West
     Set: 50BowmanWildMan 1950 Bowman Wild Man
     Set: 51BowmanJetsRockets 1951 Bowman Jets Rockets Spacemen
     Set: 51BowmanRedMenace 1951 Bowman Red Menace
     Set: 52BowmanPresidents 1952 Bowman Presidents
     Set: 52BowmanTVRadio 1952 Bowman TV and Radio Stars
     Set: 53BowmanAutos 1953 Bowman Antique Autos
     Set: 53BowmanFirefighters 1953 Bowman Firefighters
     Set: 53BowmanTVRadio 1953 Bowman TV and Radio Stars
     Set: 54BowmanNV 1954 Bowman US Navy Victories
     Set: 54BowmanPower4Peace 1954 Bowman Power For Peace
     Set: MiscBowman Miscellaneous Bowman
Category: BritishTobacco
     Set: 05PlayerHR 1905 Player Tobacco Horse Riders
     Set: 09PlayerGateways 1909 Player Tobacco British Gateways
     Set: 10WillsFish 1910 Wills Cigarettes Fish & Bait
     Set: 12WillsHeraldry 1912 Wills Heraldry
     Set: 14WillsCanada 1914 Wills Cigarettes Canada
     Set: 24Boguslavsky 1924 Boguslavsky Gods and Goddesses
     Set: 26LambertButler 1926 Lambert and Butler Pirates and Highwaymen
     Set: 28Sarony 1928 Sarony Cigarette National Types of Beauty
     Set: 37GallagherBirds 1937 Gallagher Birds
     Set: 38MarsAeroplanes 1938 Mars Confections Ltd Aeroplane Pilot and Airport
     Set: 39CopeCastles 1939 Cope Brothers Castles
     Set: 39OgdenSeaAdv 1939 Ogden's Sea Adventure
     Set: 40MurrayShips 1940 Murray and Sons The Story Of Ships
Category: Cartoons
     Set: 39ReglarFellers 1939 Reg'lar Fellers Ice Cream
     Set: 49KingFeatures 1949 King Features Exhibits
     Set: 57Barratt 1957 Barratt and Co Walt Disney Characters
     Set: 60FleerCasper 1960 Fleer Casper the Friendly Ghost
     Set: 61DonrussIdiot 1961 Donruss Idiot Cards
     Set: 62DynamicToy 1962 Dynamic Toy Inc The Flintstones Jumbo
     Set: 63Penrose 1963 Penrose Confectioners Flintstones
     Set: 64MunsterStickers 1964 Kayro-Vue Productions Munsters Stickers
     Set: 66DonrussMarvel 1966 Donruss Marvel Super Heroes
     Set: 66MacleansBatman 1966 Macleans Toothpaste Batman
     Set: 72Primrose 1968-72 Primrose Confectioners Superman
     Set: 78Sunbeam 1978 Sunbeam Bread DC Super Heroes Stickers
     Set: V303 V303 1935 O-Pee-Chee Mickey Mouse
Category: Cinema
     Set: 15MoviePromo 1915-17 Movie Theater Promo
     Set: 24Phillips 1924 Phillips Cinema Stars Discs
     Set: 25Rothman 1925 Rothman Silent Cinema Stars
     Set: 29Carreras 1929 Carreras Paramount Stars
     Set: 30LaIdeal 1930s Cigarillos La Ideal
     Set: 34Cavanders 1934 Cavanders Cinema Stars
     Set: 34Morris 1934 Morris and Sons How Films Are Made
     Set: 34Rothman 1934 Rothman Prominent Screen Favourites
     Set: 34Teofani 1934 Teofani Modern Movie Stars
     Set: 35ArdathFilmStars 1935 Ardath Cigarettes Film Stage and Radio Stars
     Set: 35GallaherShots 1935 Gallaher Shots From Famous Films
     Set: 35GallaherStars 1935 Gallaher Stars of Screen and Stage
     Set: 36Carreras 1936 Carreras Film Stars
     Set: 36ChilenaOkey 1936-38 Chilena Okey
     Set: 36UnivFlashGordon 1936 Universal Flash Gordon
     Set: 38PhillipsChars 1938 Phillips Characters Come to Life
     Set: 39CarrerasLarge 1939 Carreras Glamour Girls of Stage and Films Large
     Set: 39CarrerasSmall 1939 Carreras Glamour Girls of Stage and Films Small
     Set: 39Gallaher 1939 Gallaher My Favorite Part
     Set: 39PhillipsBeauties 1939 Phillips Beauties Of To-Day 7th Series
     Set: 39RothmanCards 1939 Rothmans Cards Beauties of the Cinema
     Set: 39RothmanDiscs 1939 Rothmans Discs Beauties Of The Cinema
     Set: 40Peerless 1940s Peerless Engave-o-tints Portraits of Movie Stars
     Set: 40PhillipsBeauties 1940 Phillips Beauties of To-day Series 2
     Set: 48KelloggsPep 1948 Kellogg's Pep
     Set: 50ExhibitsMS 1950s Movie Stars Exhibits
     Set: 50ParkhurstActors 1950s Parkhurst Movie and TV Actors
     Set: 52DixieLids 1952 Dixie Lids Movie Stars
     Set: 55BarbersTea 1955 Barbers Tea Ltd Cinema and TV Stars
     Set: 58AtlOilFilmStars 1958 Atlantic Oil Film Stars
     Set: 59FleerThreeStooges 1959 Fleer Three Stooges
     Set: 65RKOKingKong 1965 RKO General King Kong
     Set: 66FleerThreeStooges 1966 Fleer Three Stooges
     Set: PC873 PC873 1945 Kellogg's Breakfast in Hollywood
     Set: V289 V289 1935 Hamilton Gum Picture Star Gum
Category: E-Cards
     Set: E1 E1 1901 Breisch Williams Army Mexico
     Set: E3 E3 1910 American Caramel Co Navy Caramels Battleships
     Set: E4 E4 Nation's Pride Warships
     Set: E5 E5 Philadelphia Military Caramels
     Set: E7 E7 Soldiers Cards
     Set: E15 E15 American Caramel Co Flag Caramels
     Set: E17A E17-A Breisch Williams Flags of All Nations
     Set: E17B E17-B Voller's Gum Flags
     Set: E17D E17-D Goudy and Kent State Flags
     Set: E18-1 E18-1 American Chewing Products Flagum
     Set: E20 E20 George Close Flags of Nations Series
     Set: E28 E28 Philadelphia Confections Zoo Cards
     Set: E33 E33 Philadelphia Caramels Zoo Series Dogs
     Set: E40 E40 1910 Philadelphia Caramels Airships
     Set: E43 E43 American Caramels Clowns
     Set: E44 E44 Messer's The Circus
     Set: E46 E46 Philadelphia Caramel Indian Pictures
     Set: E47 E47 1910 American Caramel Co Jockeys
     Set: E48 E48 BBB Honey Kisses State Capitols
     Set: E49 E49 1910 American Caramel Co Wild West Caramels
     Set: E50 E50 1910 Dockman Wild West Gum
     Set: E51 E51 Hershey's Chocolate Fruits
     Set: E123 E123 1922 American Caramel Actors and Actresses
     Set: E123-2 E123-2 1922 American Caramel Actors and Actresses
     Set: E124 E124 American Caramel Movie Actors and Actresses
     Set: E148 E148 Cracker Jack Riddles
     Set: E161 E161 Ghirardelli's Chocolates North American Wild Life
     Set: E162 E162 Panama-Pacific Exhibition Views
     Set: E226 E226 Lowney's Bird Studies
     Set: E251-1 E251-1 Haines Slocum Reed Nature Pictures Nea-To Gum
     Set: E290 E290 Indian Chiefs
     Set: MiscECards Miscellaneous Caramels
Category: FoodIssues
     Set: 20WeberBuildings 1920 Weber Baking Capitol Buildings of the World
     Set: 50QuakerPreston 1950 Post Sergeant Preston
     Set: 51PostHC 1951 Post Cereal Hopalong Cassidy
     Set: 52PostRoyRogers F278-19 1952 Post Roy Rogers Pop Out
     Set: 52TipTopDickTracy 1952 Tip Top Dick Tracy
     Set: 53PostRoyRogers F278-20 1953 Post Roy Rogers 3D Folders
     Set: 55MothersCookies D72 1955 Mother's Cookies Sports Cars
     Set: 60JellOFamAircraft 1960s Jell-O Famous Aircraft of the World
     Set: 65CloverDairies 1965 Clover Dairies Prehistoric Animals
     Set: 66WeetiesBatman 1966 Weeties & Rice Krinkles Batman
     Set: BC19 BC19 Armour Franks Smarty Pants Badges
     Set: D8 D8 Weber Brothers Bakery Animals
     Set: D22 D22 Cushman Bread Cards of the States
     Set: D32 D32 1932 Drake's, Yankee Bakeries Film Stars
     Set: D46 D46 Weber Bakery Indians
     Set: D52 D52 Bell Bread Mickey Mouse
     Set: D67 D67 Tip Top Bread Presidents
     Set: D68 D68 1920s Weber Baking Presidents
     Set: D85 D85 Purity Pretzel US Navy - Air Force Planes and Ships
     Set: D94-4 D94-4 1954 Tip Top Bread Space Cards
     Set: D97 D97 1934-35 Bell Brand Mickey Mouse Recipes
     Set: D117 D117 1920s Weber Baking Famous Men
     Set: D146 D146 Doughnut Company of America Thrilling Moments
     Set: D150-1 D150-1 1920's Weber Bakery Movie Stars Gold
     Set: D150-2 D150-2 1920's Weber Bakery Movie Stars Silver
     Set: F6DixieLids F6 1942-44 Dixie Lids
     Set: F63 F63 1937 Cunningham's Melorol Ice Cream Minute Biographies
     Set: F67 F67 1950s Hood's Ice Cream Dogs
     Set: F213 F213 Coca-Cola America's Fighting Planes
     Set: F219-5 F219-5 Royal Desserts Soldiers
     Set: F223-1 F223-1 1959 Sicle Trading Cards Air Force Airplanes
     Set: F226-2 F226-2 DCA Food Ind Inc Outer Space
     Set: F277-1 F277-1 1930s Heinz Famous Airplanes Type 1
     Set: F278-49 F278-49 Post Cereal Famous Americans
     Set: F278-50 F278-50 1930 Post Cereal Famous North Americans
     Set: F279-18 F279-18 1957 Quaker Warplane Cards
     Set: F284-1 F284-1 Loose-Wiles Explorers of America
     Set: F375 F375 1936 Pac-Kups Jolly Roger
     Set: MiscFood Miscellaneous Food Issues
Category: J-Cards
     Set: J1 J1 1890 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds of America
     Set: J2 J2 1898 Arm and Hammer New Series of Beautiful Birds
     Set: J3 J3 1904 Arm and Hammer Game Birds
     Set: J4 J4 1908 Arm and Hammer New Series of Birds
     Set: J5 J5 1915 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds of America 1st Series
     Set: J6 J6 1918 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds of America 2nd Series
     Set: J7 J7 1922 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds of America 3rd Series
     Set: J8 J8 1924 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds of America 4th Series
     Set: J9-1 J9-1 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds of America 5th Series
     Set: J9-2 J9-2 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds Of America 6th Series
     Set: J9-3 J9-3 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds Of America 7th Series
     Set: J9-4 J9-4 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds Of America 8th Series
     Set: J9-5 J9-5 1938 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds Of America 9th Series
     Set: J9-6 J9-6 1938 Arm and Hammer Useful Birds of America 10th Series
     Set: J10 J10 1898 Arm and Hammer Interesting Animals
     Set: J11 J11 1910 Arm and Hammer Interesting Animals
     Set: J12 J12 1890 Arm and Hammer Dairy Animals Cows
     Set: J13 J13 1902 Arm and Hammer Championship Dogs
     Set: J14 J14 1910 Arm and Hammer New Series of Dogs
     Set: J15 J15 1900 Arm and Hammer Fish Series
     Set: J16 J16 1898 Arm and Hammer Beautiful Flowers
     Set: J17 J17 1900 John Dwight and Co Mother Goose Series
Category: Leathers
     Set: L2 L2 College Leathers
     Set: L3 L3 Flags of the World Leathers
     Set: L4 L4 Generals Leathers
     Set: L5 L5 Hamilton King Girls Leathers
     Set: L7 L7 Helmar Turkish Trophies Indians Leathers
     Set: L8 L8 Helmar Turkish Trophies Actors Leathers
     Set: L20 L20 Leather College Seals
     Set: L23 L23 Leather State Seals
     Set: MiscLeathers Miscellaneous Leathers
Category: Military
     Set: 10PlayerBritishMil 1910 Player British Military
     Set: 31Heinz 1931-1949 Heinz Famous Aviators Type 4
     Set: 36CarrerasFAA 1936 Carreras Ltd Famous Airmen and Airwomen
     Set: 50MilitaryGenerals 1950 Uncatalogued Military Generals
     Set: 60GoldenPressPres 1960 Golden Press Presidents
     Set: 61RosanArmy 1961 Rosan US Army In Action
     Set: 63RosanKennedy 1963 Rosan John F Kennedy
     Set: 64DonrussCombat 1964 Donruss Combat
     Set: 65ABCCivilWar 1965 A and BC Civil War News
     Set: 81LarkinPresidents H603 1881 JD Larkin Sweet Home Soap Presidents
     Set: F273-21 F273-21 Kellogg's Presidents
     Set: H600 H600 JD Larkin Sweet Home Soap Presidents
     Set: HD2A HD2A US Presidents
     Set: MiscMilitary Miscellaneous Military
     Set: V250 V250 Canadian Chewing Gum Famous Aircraft - Wings
     Set: V276 V276 1939 O-Pee-Chee Fighting Forces
     Set: V401-2 V401-2 1940s World Wide Gum Aviation Gum Premiums
     Set: W589 W589 1925 Anonymous Presidents
Category: MiscNS
     Set: 10PiedmontCW 1910 Piedmont Countries of the World
     Set: 15Susini 1915 Susini The Universe
     Set: 48LeafPirates 1948 Leaf Pirates
     Set: 53SkellyOil 1953 Skelly Oil All American Space Fleet
     Set: 59NuCards 1959 NuCards Rock and Roll
     Set: 60AdTrixVikings 1960 Ad-Trix Vikings
     Set: 60Buymore 1960 Buymore Treasure Island
     Set: 60FleerSpinsNeedles 1960 Fleer Spins and Needles
     Set: 60GoldenPress 1960 Golden Press Animals
     Set: 60RosanMonsters 1960's Rosan Monster Cards
     Set: 61FleerPiratesBold 1961 Fleer Pirates Bold
     Set: 61LeafDiscoveries 1961 Leaf Famous Discoveries
     Set: 61LeafSpookStories 1961 Leaf Spook Stories
     Set: 61NuCardsDinosaurs 1961 Nu-Cards Dinosaurs
     Set: 63RosanFamMonsters 1963 Rosan Famous Monsters
     Set: 65DonrussDisneyland 1965 Donruss Disneyland
     Set: 74DieLaughing 1974 A and BC You'll Die Laughing
     Set: 75FleerKustomCars 1975 Fleer Kustom Car Stickers II
     Set: 77Sportscaster 1977-79 Sportscaster Cards
     Set: 96PepsinPinkies 1896 Pepsin Gum Little Pinkies
     Set: Albums NonSports Albums
     Set: Boxes NonSports Boxes
     Set: CardBacks Card Backs
     Set: Exhibits NonSports Exhibits Cards
     Set: F373 F373 1959 Rinso Soap Powder Paladin Cards
     Set: F378 F378 1950s Doeskin Tissues Rails and Sails
     Set: H639 H639 1892 Singer Costumes of All Nations
     Set: H767 H767 1910 Piedmont Rip Van Winkle
     Set: HighBootsPresidents High Boots Presidents
     Set: Misc Miscellaneous NonSports Cards
     Set: P6 P6 Flags of the World Pins
     Set: P10 P10 1900s Sweet Caporal State Arms Pins
     Set: P31 P31 1908 National Flags
     Set: PE7-6 PE7-6 1900s Celluloid National Flag Pins
     Set: Packs NonSports Packs
     Set: S33 S33 Egyptienne Straights Cigarettes Silks
     Set: TradeCards NonSports Trade Cards
     Set: V9 V9 1922 Cowan Candy Co. Canadian Birds
     Set: V13 V13 1920s Cowans Chocolate Dog Pictures
     Set: V305 V305 1930s O-Pee-Chee Magic Cards
     Set: Wrappers NonSports Wrappers
Category: N-Cards-1
     Set: MiscNCards1 Miscellaneous Early N-Cards
     Set: N1 N1 1888 Allen & Ginter American Editors - Small
     Set: N2 N2 1888 Allen & Ginter American Indian Chiefs
     Set: N3 N3 1887 Allen & Ginter Arms of All Nations
     Set: N4 N4 Birds of America
     Set: N5 N5 Birds of the Tropics
     Set: N6 N6 1888 Allen & Ginter City Flags
     Set: N7 N7 Fans of the Period
     Set: N8 N8 1899 Allen & Ginter Fish from American Waters
     Set: N9 N9 Flags Of All Nations
     Set: N10 N10 Allen & Ginter Flags Of All Nations
     Set: N11 N11 1888 Allen & Ginter Flags of States and Territory
     Set: N12 N12 Allen & Ginter Fruits
     Set: N13 N13 Allen & Ginter Game Birds
     Set: N14 N14 General Government State Capitol Buildings
     Set: N15 N15 1888 Allen & Ginter Great Generals
     Set: N16 N16 1886 Allen & Ginter Natives in Costume
     Set: N17 N17 Allen & Ginter Naval Flags
     Set: N18 N18 1888 Allen & Ginter Parasol Drills
     Set: N19 N19 1888 Allen & Ginter Pirates of the Spanish Main
     Set: N21 N21 Allen & Ginter Quadrupeds
     Set: N22 N22 1888 Allen & Ginter Racing Colors of the World
     Set: N23 N23 Allen & Ginter Song Birds Of The World
     Set: N25 N25 Allen & Ginter Wild Animals of the World
     Set: N26 N26 The World's Beauties Series 1
     Set: N27 N27 The World's Beauties Series 2
     Set: N30 N30 1890 Allen & Ginter The World's Decorations
     Set: N31 N31 1888 Allen & Ginter World Dudes
     Set: N33 N33 1888 Allen & Ginter World Smokers
     Set: N35 N35 1887 Allen & Ginter American Editors
     Set: N36 N36 1888 Allen & Ginter American Indian Chiefs
     Set: N37 N37 1888 Allen & Ginter Birds of America
     Set: N38 N38 1889 Allen & Ginter Birds of the Tropics
     Set: N40 N40 Game Birds
     Set: N41 N41 Allen & Ginter Quadrupeds
     Set: N42 N42 Allen & Ginter Song Birds of the World
     Set: N44 N44 1890 Allen & Ginter The World's Decorations
     Set: N49 N49 Virginia Brights Bicycles
     Set: N50 N50 Kinney Famous Ships
     Set: N70 N70 Our Leading Actors and Actresses
     Set: N71 N71 Our Leading Actors and Actresses Series 2
     Set: N72 N72 Coins of All Nations
     Set: N73 N73 Fancy Dress Ball Costumes
     Set: N75 N75 Floral Beauties and Language of Flowers
     Set: N76 N76 Allen & Ginter Great Americans
     Set: N77 N77 Duke and Sons Gymnastic Exercises
     Set: N78 N78 1888 Duke Histories of Generals
     Set: N79 N79 1888 Duke History of Poor Boys
     Set: N82 N82 Musical Instruments
     Set: N83 N83 Ocean and River Steamers
     Set: N85 N85 1889 Duke Cigarettes Postage Stamps
     Set: N86 N86 1888 Duke Cigarettes Scenes of Perilous Occupations
     Set: N87 N87 Shadows
     Set: N90 N90 Duke Vehicles Of The World
     Set: N91 N91 Yacht Colors of the World
     Set: N99 N99 1887 American Tobacco Co Battle Scenes
Category: N-Cards-2
     Set: MiscNCards2 Miscellaneous Later N-Cards
     Set: N100 N100 1891 Gail and Ax Bicycle and Trick Riders
     Set: N101 N101 Duke Sons and Co Breeds of Horses
     Set: N105 N105 1888 Duke and Sons Cowboy Series
     Set: N109 N109 Honest Long Cut Flags and Costumes
     Set: N113 N113 1890 Duke Habitations of Man
     Set: N114 N114 1889 Duke and Sons Histories of Generals
     Set: N116 N116 Honest Long Cut Illustrated Songs
     Set: N117 N117 Duke Industries Of The States
     Set: N124 N124 1888 Honest Long Cut Presidential Possibilities
     Set: N127 N127 1887 Duke Sea Captains
     Set: N128 N128 Duke's Snapshots from Puck
     Set: N131 N131 Honest Long Cut Stars of the Stage
     Set: N133 N133 1888 W Duke and Sons State Governors
     Set: N139 N139 Honest Long Cut Types of Vessels
     Set: N163 N163 1890 Goodwin and Co Dogs of the World
     Set: N164 N164 Flowers
     Set: N165 N165 Goodwin Games and Sports Series
     Set: N180 N180 Kimball Facsimile of Ancient Coins
     Set: N181 N181 1880s Kimball Arms of Dominions
     Set: N186 N186 1889 Kimball Dancing Women
     Set: N187 N187 Fancy Bathers
     Set: N189 N189 1888 Kimball Savage and Semi-Barbarous Chiefs
     Set: N216 N216 1890 Kinney Bros Animals
     Set: N220 N220 1889 Kinney Harlequin Series 2
     Set: N222 N222 1889 Kinney Leaders
     Set: N223 N223 Magic Changing Cards
     Set: N224 N224 1880s Kinney Military Series
     Set: N225 N225 National Dances
     Set: N226 N226 Naval Vessels of the World
     Set: N230 N230 1889 Kinney Famous Running Horses
     Set: N231 N231 Kinney Great American Trotters
     Set: N232 N232 Kinney Surf Beauties
     Set: N245 N245 Sweet Caporal Actors and Actresses
     Set: N263 N263 Lorrilard Actresses
     Set: N265 N265 Lorillard Actresses In Opera Roles
     Set: N283 N283 Buchner Defenders and Offenders
     Set: N288 N288 Police Inspectors and Captains
     Set: N312 N312 1890s Wm G Hills Wings Of Birds Of Plumage
     Set: N330 N330 1882 SF Hess Actresses
     Set: N365 N365 1887 Lone Jack Cigarettes Inventors and Inventions
     Set: N369 N369 1884 Lone Jack Cigarettes Actresses
     Set: N388 N388 1880s Admiral Cigarettes National Types
     Set: N406 N406 1880s Ten Minute Cigarettes Actors and Actresses
     Set: N472 N472 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco Presidents
     Set: N554 N554 Finzer and Sons Inventors and Inventions
     Set: N570 N570 1890 Monarch Tobacco Works Kickapoos
Category: Philadelphia
     Set: 65PhilaJamesBond 1965 Philadelphia James Bond
     Set: 65PhilaWarBulletin 1965 Philadelphia War Bulletin
     Set: 66PhilaGreenBerets 1966 Philadelphia Green Berets
     Set: 66PhilaJamesBond 1966 Philadelphia James Bond Thunderball
     Set: 66PhilaTarzan 1966 Philadelphia Tarzan
     Set: 69PhilaDarkShadows 1969 Philadelphia Dark Shadows
Category: PrettyGirls
     Set: 39HillMB 1939 R and J Hill Modern Beauties
     Set: 40AllAmericanGirls 1940-45 Mutoscope All American Girls
     Set: 40GlamourGirls 1940-45 Mutoscope Glamour Girls
     Set: 40PinUpGirls 1940 Mutoscope Pin-Up Girls
     Set: 40PinupMatchbooks 1940 Pinup Girls Matchbooks
     Set: 50CalendarGirlsII 1950-54 Exhibits Calendar Girls II
     Set: MiscGirls Miscellaneous Pinup Girl Cards
Category: R-Cards-1
     Set: MiscRCards1 Miscellaneous Early R-Cards
     Set: R1 R1 Goudey Action Gum
     Set: R2 R2 Holloway Adventure Pictures
     Set: R3 R3 Leader Novelty Adventures of Army, Navy, and Marine Corps
     Set: R4 R4 Eppy Adventures of Smilin' Jack
     Set: R5 R5 1930s Wischmann's Gum Aeroplane Series
     Set: R6 R6 National Licorice Co African Animal Jig
     Set: R7 R7 Holloway Airplane Pictures
     Set: R8 R8 1930s Peco Airplane Pictures
     Set: R10 R10 Cameron Sales Airplanes
     Set: R12 R12 1941 America At War
     Set: R13-1 R13-1 American G-Men
     Set: R14 R14 American Caramel American Historical Characters
     Set: R15-1 R15-1 Schrani and Bieber Animals Unnumbered
     Set: R15-2 R15-2 Schrani and Bieber Animals Numbered
     Set: R17-1 R17-1 Switzer's Licorice Army Air Corps Insignia
     Set: R17-2 R17-2 Switzer's Giant Bubble Gum Army Air Corps Insignia
     Set: R18 R18 Army Navy And Air Corps
     Set: R19-1 R19-1 1936 Goudey Auto License Plates
     Set: R19-2 R19-2 1937 Goudey Auto License Plates
     Set: R19-3 R19-3 1938 Goudey Auto License Plates
     Set: R19-4 R19-4 1939 Goudey Auto License Plates
     Set: R20 R20 1930s Battleship Gum
     Set: R21 R21 1937 Wolverine Ripleys Believe It Or Not
     Set: R22-1 R22-1 Big Chief Wahoo Injun Slango Gum
     Set: R23 R23 Big Little Book Series
     Set: R24-2 R24-2 1934 Goudey Big Thrill Booklets
     Set: R25 R25 Booklets
     Set: R26 R26 1933 Goudey Boy Scouts
     Set: R28 R28 1936 Anonymous Cartoon Adventures
     Set: R30-1 R30-1 1933 Blatz Gum Chicago's World's Fair
     Set: R36 R36 1935 Fleer Cops and Robbers Gum
     Set: R39 R39 1933 National Chicle Dare Devils
     Set: R40 R40 1941 Defending America
     Set: R41 R41 1930s Walter Johnson Candy Dick Tracy
     Set: R44 R44 1938 Intl Chewing Gum Don't Let It Happen Over Here
     Set: R48-1 R48-1 1934 Gum Inc. Film Funnies Without Names
     Set: R48-2 R48-2 1935 Gum Inc. Film Funnies With Names
     Set: R50 R50 Goudey First Column Defenders
     Set: R51 R51 Wilbur-Suchard Flags
     Set: R54 R54 The Foreign Legion
     Set: R55 R55 1938 Gumakers of America Frank Buck
     Set: R59 R59 1944 American Beauties
     Set: R60 R60 1936 Gum Inc G-Men and Heroes of the Law
     Set: R61 R61 Pressner Government Agents vs Public Enemies
     Set: R62 R62 1930s Williamson Candy Guess What
     Set: R65 R65 1936 Goudey History of Aviation
     Set: R68 R68 1930s Shelby Gum Hollywood Picture Stars
     Set: R69 R69 Gum Inc Horrors of War
     Set: R70 R70 Shelby Gum Humpty Dumpty
     Set: R71 R71 Planter's Hunted Animals
     Set: R72 R72 1935 Schutter-Johnson I'm Going To Be
     Set: R73 R73 1933-40 Goudey Indian Gum
     Set: R78 R78 Goudey Jungle Gum
     Set: R83 R83 1940 Gum Inc Lone Ranger
     Set: R89 R89 1935 Gum Inc Mickey Mouse
     Set: R90 R90 1935 Gum Inc Mickey Mouse With Movie Stars
     Set: R91 R91 1930s Federal Sweets Minute Biographies
     Set: R97-2 R97-2 Movie Stars
     Set: R99 R99 Nightmare of Warfare
     Set: R100 R100 1933 Flatbush Gum Company Noah's Ark
Category: R-Cards-2
     Set: MiscRCards2 Miscellaneous Later R-Cards
     Set: R102 R102 National Chicle Novelty Cards
     Set: R108 R108 Pulver Pictures
     Set: R109 R109 Gum, Inc. Pirate's Pictures
     Set: R110-1 R110-1 Holloway Pirate's Treasure
     Set: R112 R112 1950s Card-O Airplanes
     Set: R113 R113 1933 Orbit Gum Popeye Comic Booklets
     Set: R114 R114 1932 US Caramel Presidents
     Set: R124 R124 1933 World Wide Gum Sea Raiders
     Set: R126 R126 The Second World War
     Set: R128 R128 Western Strip Cards
     Set: R130 R130 Series of 48 Western
     Set: R131 R131 1930 Western Series of 48
     Set: R135 R135 1930s United Candy Beautiful Ships
     Set: R136 R136 1934 National Chicle Sky Birds
     Set: R137 R137 1941 Goudey Sky Birds
     Set: R139 R139 1930s Rosen Soldier Cards
     Set: R142 R142 1934 Goudey Soldier Boys
     Set: R144 R144 1936 Wolverine Gum Strange True Stories
     Set: R145 R145 1940 Gum Inc Superman
     Set: R146 R146 1940 Leader Novelty Company Superman
     Set: R147 R147 1936 Schutter-Johnson Tarzan Crystal Vault of Isis
     Set: R150 R150 1940s Time Marches On
     Set: R151 R151 Tom Mix
     Set: R152 R152 1933 Tootsie Circus
     Set: R156 R156 1939 Gumakers of America True Spy Stories
     Set: R157 R157 1941 Gum Inc Uncle Sam Soldier
     Set: R158 R158 1941 Gum Inc Home Defense
     Set: R161 R161 1930s Walt Disney Comics
     Set: R164 R164 1941 Gum Inc War Gum
     Set: R165 R165 1939 Gum Inc War News Pictures
     Set: R166 R166 1942 Lion Specialty USA Combat Units
     Set: R168 R168 MP and Co War Scenes
     Set: R169 R169 1942 Cameron Sales Warships
     Set: R172-1 R172-1 1930s Gum Inc Picture Puzzle Bubble Gum
     Set: R172-2 R172-2 1930s Gum Inc. Wild West Bubble Gum
     Set: R173 R173 1939 Gum Inc World In Arms
     Set: R174 R174 1933 Goudey World War Gum
     Set: R184 R184 1930s Indian Chiefs
     Set: R184-1 R184-1 Indian Chiefs Name In Shield
     Set: R185 R185 Western Series of 96
     Set: R757-1 R757-1 1953 Welch Famous Comic Characters
Category: T-Cards
     Set: MiscTCards Miscellaneous T-Cards
     Set: T1 T1 Turkish Trophy Actresses
     Set: T6-1 T6-1 Murad Cigarettes College Series Type 1
     Set: T6-2 T6-2 Murad Cigarettes College Series Type 2
     Set: T25 T25 Between The Acts Actors
     Set: T26 T26 Between The Acts Actresses
     Set: T27A T27-A Actress Series White Borders
     Set: T27B T27-B Actress Series Gold Borders
     Set: T27C T27-C Actress Series Star Borders
     Set: T29 T29 Hassan Animals
     Set: T30 T30 Hassan Cigarettes Arctic Scenes
     Set: T36 T36 Hassan Mecca Auto Drivers
     Set: T37 T37 Turkey Red Automobile Series
     Set: T38 T38 1911 United Cigar The Aviators
     Set: T39 T39 Booker Tobacco Battleships
     Set: T40 T40 Hilson Co Battleships and Signal Flags
     Set: T41 T41 L Miller and Sons Battleships
     Set: T42 T42 1910-11 Mecca Cigarettes Bird Series
     Set: T47 T47 Tareyton British Sovereigns
     Set: T48 T48 Turkey Red Butterfly Series
     Set: T49 T49 College Students, Flags, Seals
     Set: T52 T52 American Tobacco Costumes and Scenery
     Set: T53 T53 1910s Hassan Cowboy Series
     Set: T57 T57 American Tobacco Fable Series
     Set: T58 T58 1910 Fish Series
     Set: T59 T59 1909-11 Flags of All Nations
     Set: T60 T60 Flags of All Nations
     Set: T65 T65 Golden Eagle Women And Men In Costume
     Set: T66 T66 Hunter Dog Cigarros Girls
     Set: T68 T68 Royal Bengals Heroes Men of History
     Set: T69 T69 1911 Helmar Historic Homes
     Set: T70 T70 Historical Events Series
     Set: T73 T73 1910 Hassan Indian Life in the 60s
     Set: T74 T74 Burley Cubs Indian Series
     Set: T80 T80 Tolstoi Military Series
     Set: T81 T81 Recruit Tobacco Military Series
     Set: T82 T82 1915-20 Recruit Movie Stars
     Set: T87 T87 Modern American Airplanes
     Set: T105 T105 Lorillard Assorted Standard Bearers of Different Countries
     Set: T107 T107 1910 Helmar Seals of the United States and Coats of Arms
     Set: T108 T108 Between The Acts Theaters Old and New
     Set: T112 T112 Mogul Cigarettes Toast Series
     Set: T113 T113 1910-11 Types of Nations
     Set: T118 T118 Hassan World's Greatest Explorers
     Set: T175 T175 1901-02 Heroes of the Spanish War
     Set: T177 T177 1900 Abdul National Flags On Domino
     Set: T221 T221 Pan Handle Scrap Champion Women Swimmers
     Set: T334 T334 Piedmont Fairy Tale Stamps
     Set: T430 T430 American Tobacco Views
Category: TVShows
     Set: 64DonrussAddamsFam 1964 Donruss Adams Family
     Set: 64LeafMunsters 1964 Leaf Munsters
     Set: 65FleerGomerPyle 1965 Fleer Gomer Pyle
     Set: 65FleerHogansHeroes 1965 Fleer Hogan's Heroes
     Set: 65FleerMcHalesNavy 1965 Fleer McHale's Navy
     Set: 66DonrussGreenHornet 1966 Donruss Green Hornet
     Set: 66TAGetSmart 1966 Talent Associates Get Smart
     Set: 67LeafStarTrek 1967 Leaf Star Trek
     Set: 68DonrussFlyingNun 1968 Donruss The Flying Nun
     Set: 75Donruss6Mil 1975 Donruss Six Million Dollar Man
     Set: UM22 UM22 1957 Johnson and Johnson Robin Hood TV Action Scenes
Category: Western
     Set: 28ExhibitsWestern 1928 Western Exhibits
     Set: 30PhillipsRedIndians 1930s Phillips Cigarettes Red Indians
     Set: 37UnivWildWest 1937 Universal Wild West Days
     Set: 50sExhibitsCowboys 1950s Exhibits Cowboy Stars
     Set: 54RedManIndians 1954 Red Man American Indian Chiefs
     Set: 59FleerIndians 1959 Fleer Indian Trading Cards
     Set: 60NuCard 1960 Nu-Card TV Westerns
     Set: 66LeafGoodBadGuys 1966 Leaf Good Guys and Bad Guys
     Set: F56 F56 1940-41 The Lone Ranger Cones Coupons
     Set: F150-1 F150-1 Armour Franks Indian Language
     Set: S66 S66 1910s Large Silks Indian Chiefs
     Set: S67 S67 1910 Tokio Cigarettes Indian Silks
     Set: S68 S68 1900s Nebo-Zira Indian Portraits and Scenes
     Set: V306-1 V306-1 1930s O-Pee-Chee Picture Puzzle Bubble Gum
     Set: V306-2 V306-2 1930s Wild West Bubble Gum
     Set: W608-3 W608-3 1949 Indians of the USA